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Just like every owner has unique driving patterns and needs, we acknowledge that evary car is different, with its own quirks and idiocyncrasies. When you bring your car to R2D Autoworks, you can be assured that we will troubleshoot every issue, and have customised solutions to address every single one of them.

Routine Vehicle Maintenance

Based on Singapore's driving conditions, we firmly believe in the following Service guidelines. These guidelines is more stringent compared to BMW's recommended guidelines to cater for the harsher stop start traffic encounted in Singapore's roads.

Oil Service (every 10 000km or 6 months)
  • Oil Change
  • Oil Filter Change
  • Standard vehicle inspection
Inspection I (every 40 000km or 2 years)
  • Includes Oil Service items
  • Drain and top up Gearbox and Differential oils
  • Brake Fluid Change
  • Engine Air Filter Change
  • Cabin Air Filter Change
  • Front and Rear Brake Pads & Discs Change
Inspection II (every 80 000km or 4 years)
  • Includes Inspection I items
  • ATF Filter Change
  • Change of Spark plugs
  • Change of Serpentine belt and associated pullies
  • Change of Fuel Filter
  • Change of Engine Coolant
  • Change of Power Steering Fluid

We do stress that the above items are to be used as a guideline and we will advise accordingly with each vehicles' usage pattern.


Apart from the routine maintenance work, we can also perform the following works.

Track Day Preparation
  • Pre and Post track package
  • Vehicle setup changes
  • Brake health checks
  • Vehicle check
Specific Repairs and Trouble shooting
  • Oil leaks
  • Coolant leaks
  • Squeals, squeaks and creaks
  • You name it, we'll fix it
Pre-purchase Vhicle Inspections
  • Prior accident repairs
  • State of wear
  • Diagnostics of electronics
Engine Rebuilds
  • Top overhauls
  • Complete overhauls
Gearbox Rebuilds
  • Complete replacement of Seals, clutch & friction plates
  • Mechatronics Replacement
  • Solenoids Replacement
  • Gearbox progamming, coding and teaching
Accident Repairs
  • Touch wood but we can help
Air Con Works
  • R134a refrigerant leakage testing and system diagnostics
  • R134a refrigerant top up
  • Evaporator coil, compressor replacement
  • Minor leakage sealant
Handling Upgrades
  • Bilstein B6 and B8 Sports Shock absorbers
  • Upgraded F10 Front Control Arm Bushes
  • Uprated springs and Anti-roll bars
Brake Enhancements
  • EBC Green Stuff, Red Stuff and Yellow Stuff Brake Pads
  • Dixcel Type Z Brake Pads
  • Pro-RS Stainless Steel Brake Hoses
  • Caliper Bushing Kits
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