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Rotora brakes are 100% made in USA. Each individual brake kits is designed with a specific car in mind. Even though the chassis is similiar, Rotora customises the piston sizes within the calipers to match the original brake bias designed by the manufacturer. This tedious process is possible as all manufacturing aspects is undertaken by Rotora. This gives the driver the same brake pedal feel and reduces stopping distances from high speeds as the vehicle's stability is not compromised. Rotora brake kits utilise forged calipers of varying sizes and they are constructed in a 2 piece manner to maximise stiffness across the axial dimension. The discs are 2 piece construction to cope with higher operational temperatures. Depending on the use, Rotora can supply a wide range of choices to users. Discs choices include Carbon Ceramic, Cross Drilled, Slotted, Plain. Caliper choices are not just limited to colour but extend to the different types of pistons and pad formulations. Needless to say, Rotora supplies one of the best brake kits around.

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