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Millers Oils was established back in 1877 in England and is wholly owned. They are a leading independent blender of oil and fuel additives, driven by innovation for new products for all markets. Millers Oils is a global supplier of lubricants and additives for automotive, industrial and commercial vehicles. The company is focused on delivering high quality products and services to customers. Their independence means they can source the best raw materials for their formulations and respond quickly to new market trends and requirements.

Here at R2D, we are proud to be the local agent for this lubricant company. We believe these to be the most value for money products presently in the market.

Millers Oils Nanodrive Breakthrough

  In 2012, Millers introduced to the motorsports world a breakthrough in lubrication technology. A range of triple ester based synthetic oil, fortified with nanoparticles of solid lubricants called Nanodrive. These oils provided a host of valuable benefits
such as:
  • lower friction means less power loss - meaning more power to the wheels and potentially more speed
  • more durable engine due to reduced wear
  • Increased efficiency and lowered operating temperatures
So how does it work?

In an engine it is estimated that 15% to 20% of the energy in the fuel is lost through internal friction. Friction is caused by the roughness of surfaces moving against each other. Friction causes wear and uses valuable energy generated from combustion. This energy is lost as heat generation.

Cutting friction within the engine will reduce wear on engine parts and in turn heat generated. Thus the engine produces more usable power to the crankshaft and wheels.

This is done using clever nanoparticles of solid lubricants, which act like millions of ball bearings, together with ingredients that smooth out the surface roughness of the metal engine parts. Tested against a competitors oil of the same viscosity, they recorded 33% lower friction at operating temperatures of 100-110 Deg C. Test results speak for themselves, for example;
  • 5% boost in power in a Porsche 911 race engine on a rolling road dyno
  • 1.5% power boost in a Skoda 1.6 rally engine, on an engine test bed
  • 3.8% power gain and 3.5% torque gain in a racing Toyota MR2 Roadster
  • 3.8% power gain and 2.9% torque gain in a Toyota GT86
That's not all

Low friction is just part of the story. These new oils are designed to maintain good lubricant film integrity, essential in protecting engine components.

The CFS NT engine oils are the first in a range of Millers Oils products that will use the depth of knowledge of lubricant technology to design products that lower friction, release power at the same time maintaining excellent engine protection.

Presently, the Nanodrive technology has been extended to the Millers Premium Range of oils and these are termed as Energy Efficient oils. You get the manufacturer's approval ratings such as BMW LongLife-04 and Mercedes Benz 229.51 along with the benefits of Nanodrive technology.

Millers Oils Available

Premium Engine Oils :   Racing Engine Oils :   Gear Oils :
EE Longlife C3 5w30   CFS 0w30 NT   CRX 75w90 NT
EE Longlife ECO 5w30   CFS 5w40 NT   CRX 75w140 NT
EE Longlife 5w40   CFS 10w50 NT   Millermatic ATF SP III WS
XF Longlife 10w50   CFS 10w60 NT   Millermatic ATF DM
        Millermatic ATF D-VI

All other types of Millers lubricants are available upon indent basis.

Millers Oils Additives

  Extra Cool, containing a multi-metal corrosion inhibitor, this coolant enhancer reduces the surface tension of water and increases the ability for heat to transfer from the metallic surfaces into the liquid coolant medium. Extra Cool also reduces deposits formed by oxidation from metals and thereby promotes radiator and heat exchanger efficiency.

Petrol ECOMAX, a petrol fuel treatment that lubricates the fuel system as well as increases up to 2 octane numbers to regular petrol. Especially suited to direct injection fuel systems found in newer cars.

Diesel ECOMAX, a diesel fuel treatment for enhanced combustion efficiency and engine cleanliness. Helps combat diesel soot and black smoke.

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