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Lubegard additives is made by International Lubricants, Inc. (ILI) They engineer and produce their very own patented and proprietary premium lubricating technologies including the trademarks LXE® (Liquid Wax Ester), Glossamer®, Erucichem®, etc. ILI has lead the industry and developed the majority of these premium technologies utilizing renewable resources keeping the environment in mind.

Bio-Tech Engine Oil Protectant, optimises engine power and performance by reducing friction through its LXE® Technology. The protectant reduces valve lifter and other objectionable noises at startup and reduces smoking by restoring flexibility of valvestem seals.

ATF Protectant, the original ATF fluid protectant from International Lubricants Inc, this treatment is approved by BMW, most other Automobile Macturers and gearbox manufacturers. The treatment contains LXE® Technology and prevents overheating of ATF and reduces the operational temperaturers by up to 15deg C. This lowering of operational temperatures extends ATF life.

Platinum ATF Protectant. Similar to the original ATF protectant, the Platinum version contains both the LXE® and Synergol® Technology additives. This brings along all their benefits and features. The Platinum protectant adds in friction modifiers to change normal ATF to perform like MERCON® V ATF. This additive tightens the shift cycle without losing the friction modification at torque converter lockup and reduces shudder.

Engine Flush safely cleans gums, varnishes and deposits within the engine and prepares the engine for an oil change. Does not harm seals and gaskets and does not contain harmful solvents. May be used in conjunction with a flushing oil to increase the cleaning effectiveness.

Power Steering Protectant, containing the same LXE® Technology as with ILI products, this protectant reduces power steering noises and whines and lowers the operating temps and extends the fluid life.

Gear Fluid Supplement, for use in all manual transmissions to reduce drive train power loss. It contains LXE® Technology to lower operational temperatrures and improves all manual shifting characteristics.

LXE® Technology – International Lubricants Inc's success is largely due to the unique technology behind its liquid wax ester, (LXE technology), which is a direct molecular replacement for Sperm Whale Oil, or more specific, Spermaceti Oil, then widely used in transmission oils. After the Endangered Species Act banned the killing of the whales, a suitable lubricant additive replacement was not available. For years, chemists and engineers had tried in vain to develop other mineral, or synthetic based products that would yield the lubricating and heat dissipating properties spermaceti oil provided. International Lubricants Incorporated accomplished just that with a unique molecule, known as a liquid wax ester, registered under the trade name LXE®. This molecule is non-petroleum based, non-toxic and non-flammable and is the largest molecule of its kind.

ILI quickly gained notoriety in the automotive industry by particularly addressing crucial service issues in vehicle’s automatic transmissions arising from the absence of spermaceti oil in automatic transmission fluids. LXE Technology’s molecular structure made it possible to fight oxidation, heat build-up, converter chatter as well as address several other performance issues in a way that still remains unparalleled.

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