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Who We Are

We started out as a BMW specialist workshop back in March 2008 at Bukit Batok. Since then we have moved to our present facilities at Woodlands Industrial Park E5. We are still driven by passion as we strive to provide the best for your car.
Who We Are

We are detailed and observant through provision of our services. What separates us from the rest is that we are a well equipped workshop that has the specialist tools and stocks the common consumables needed to maintain BMWs
Who We Are

At R2D, we offer a complete list of services to maintain your pride and joy. We perform both routine and corrective maintenance work together with some choice enhancement services to make your car that little bit better. We even work with some chosen shops to offer you the best bang for your buck. We stand by all work performed with us.
Millers Oil

Millers Oil is an established British lubricant company that currently supports participants in WRC and other motorsports categories. Through these proving grounds, Millers has been able to hone their formulations of lubricants and fluids. Motorsports led Millers to the development of the Nanodrive breakthrough which increased the lubricity of oils tremendously. R2D is proud to be their local agent for, what we believe to be, the most value for money lubricants presently in the market

Rotora is a worldwide aftermarket designer and manufacturer of high-performance braking systems and brake components including racing calipers, cast iron and ceramic brake discs, stainless steel braided brakes hoses and pads ranging from street perfromance to track/race. Through rigorous research, design, engineering, along with extensive road and track testing to produce the most innovative and cost effective braking systems and components available. Rotora's high quality and specifications are maintained throughout their production faclities to meet worldwide ISO quality and safety standards including many TV certified brake kits.

Lubegard additives is made by International Lubricants, Inc. (ILI) They engineer and produce their very own patented and proprietary premium lubricating technologies which includes LXE (Liquid Wax Ester). A crucial breakthrough in enhancing the performance of Automatic Transmissions. Presently the LXE technology has been incorporated into many of their additives. Many of which are approved by major automotive transmission manufacturers.
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